Monday, December 25, 2006


WHATS UP PEOPLE!! i have been awol for about 3 days now. and umm, sorry, but i was excited to come home and not have to entertain myself with the internet because Stanely, my home town, is where my kids reside *they arent really my kids* and they are tons o' fun. one is 3, the other 7, and so they have imaginations about as big as the world. We have a tradition of eating cornish game hens on christmas instead of cooking a big turkey. (for those who dont know, game hens are tiny little chickens) N-dawg (the 3 year old) came up to me with the most distressed/confused look on his face and asked "where is my chicken little? WHERE IS MY CHICKEN LITTLE?! Grandma told me we were eating Chicken Little for dinner!" i had tears rolling down my cheeks from this 30 second outburst that he had in between discovering functions of new toys. B-izzle (the 7 year old) has absolutely ONE front tooth, so how she bites things i dont know, but she looks as goofy as...well as goofy as a toothless little kid i guess. she had no random outburts of hilarity today, but she did spend the night the other night and decided she was going to sleep in my bed *hey fuckin child activist people, shes my niece, and trust me, i would have MUCH rather slept in a bed by myself* this kid wriggles and giggles IN HER SLEEP, she carried on a conversation with me when i got home from hanging out with friends about fried chicken, she has no recollection of this, or so she says.

Oh and i cant forget to talk about my brothers huge ferocious american bulldog...who is anything but ferocious...refer to picture next to my blog to see this big softy, trust me if anyone were to break into our house this weekend they would have left immediately after seeing Chewie (yes it is short for chewbacca) he looks like he could eat my 3 year old nephew. however, this dog, this 130 pound dog, thinks hes a little yippie 30 pound shih tzu lap dog. on the upside, i havent seen my parents cats all weekend, and the dog doesnt bark, so everything is fantastic.

*btw* Christmas is also my birthday, however, its hardly worth talking about because it is totally not *my* day whatsoever...everyone else in the world has their own special day, NOT ME! i have to share it, which isnt a bad thing, its just that, isn't your birthday supposed to be a celebration of your birth? i mean, thats the reason we have christmas, is cuz its Jesus' birthday (we're pretty tight by the way, JC says what up all my blogger peeps) so Jesus has his birthday bash, the whole world has parties for it, but i want my day too dangit!!!! harumph, anyways thats all

Friday, December 22, 2006

I can do all things thru he who cracks my back

PFFF! my back has been bugging me lately, so i decided to go to a chiropractor to get aligned. just a quick in and out fix and VOILA!...except it didnt happen like that. this guy does scans, x-rays, and THEN has a consultation with you all before you lays ya face down on his contraption and puts ya in place. tomorrow will be my 6th time going in two weeks. HES ONLY OPEN 4 DAYS A WEEK, so that means ihave been there damn near every day hes been open. some may wonder why this glorious doctor has offered so generously to un-dis-com-bob-you-late me. well it seems i have a deteriorating disk in my L5 vertebrae(i know what the hell right?) anyways apparently only old people usually develop this kinda crap. so it "must" have happened when i was a little kid. so in order for this to "not get worse" i have to go in there and have him manipulate my back into its right place. i would just like to clarify that i think this guy is full of C-R-A-P. yeah my back might be fucked up, but i would like at least 2 other people to tell me that before i continue these appointments that seem to run my life. and if this disk IS really deteriorating, is chiropractic care the best treatment for it? I DONT KNOW, all i know is that a chiropractor should be able to tell whats wrong with someones back by poking and prodding, THATS WHY THEY DO WHAT THEY DO! they shouldnt have to use scans and x-rays to figure it out.
so how smart is this guy really?


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A is for grand theft alphabet

what would YOU say is the correct way to spell "economics" is it like that? or is it "ecAnomics" if you chose the latter of the two, YOU ARE WRONG SUCKA! however, a hotel where i live put up a welcoming sign for some sort of ecAnomics group coming. i can be a grammar freak sometimes, that was one of those nights. i climbed up the sign cigarette dangling from mouth (i havent had one since saturday btw)and took the "A" out, it is now hanging on my wall, along with the "DO BUCKLE, DON'T BOOZE" banner i stole, but my kleptomaniac condition in general is a whole 'nother blog.

ps if those dumbasses were stupid enough to spell it that way, then they should expect to get that shit stolen. the end.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006


while talking with the superstar, i realized that i am a complete and total attention whore...mostly the compliment type of attention. i dont mean i want to tell a funny story and be the center of the room, i like to hear when guys are attracted to me...ISNT THAT DISGUSTING?!?! i am NOT the most attractive or thin or physically in shape girl, but fuck if i dont like to hear the good things about me! like when i get compliments on my smile...WEAK IN THE KNEES or when someone tells me my eyes are beautiful, HELLO it could make even my heart of ice melt. its so ridiculous that i thrive on things like this! it makes it seem like i'm vein, but i dont think i am, i think that my self esteem is just soooo low that when someone compliments me i grasp it for dear life...HA-RUMPH

POBS (peace out bean sprouts)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

the intoxication could prove a problem

I. AM. DRUNK. i will probably be rvising this shit befor i post it...cuz i am druk as all goodness, my roomates boufriend decidedlets get tarashed bitches and i was alrigth with it. and no after a frw cups of rum and cok, i am feeling really effing good...did you know the huma brain weighs eight pounds? ya know, if we were just headless it would be a lot easier ad i will tell yoi why..
#1 we woould al weigh 8 lbs less...and hey who doesnt want that
#2 we wouldnt have to worry about wht we lok like..which would meake life a lot frigen easier...and i am pretty much a troll so maybe it wold be for my own benefit ad i'm okay with that
#3 okay i dont have a number 3 btu give me a break...i. am. SCHWASTED.

********HOLY M-FER..i was pretty drunk, sorry guys, i was thinking about revising this, but i think its funny as is********

Saturday, December 16, 2006

no i'm not *famous* i'm *BLOGSPOT FAMOUS*

dude, someone blogged about ME...she commented on one of my posts and told me i'm FABULOUS....ME! it made my day, and then she also blogged about me which makes it soooo much better, i have linked her, and you should all read her! ("you all", i think her and courtney are the only two people who read my stuff haha) thanks big sky girl! you made my saturday more then just a wonderous day of sleep!

peace out bean sprouts!

Geek 1, Conformity 0

i realized something today while eating my delicious coldstone ice cream. i am no longer a conformist. i was noticing all of the "pretty" high school students staring at me and my two friends out of the corner of my eye and i realized, i no longer give a fuck what other people may think of me. i have the greatest friends in the world, they may not all be cut out for red carpet jaunts, but they sure as hell know how to have fun. MY kind of fun.

i used to adjust to every setting i was in, just so that i wouldn't be the outsider, the "weird person that came with..." whether it was pot smokers, or strict military brats, I. CON. FORM. D. but i am truly, and all the time, me, its a really good thing. i may not have all of me figured out, i mean c'mon i'm 19 years old, but i think i am closer now than ever.

Friday, December 15, 2006

New Living Space!

I have moved out of the hell that i like to call Swenson Hall. It is a residence hall, aka, a DORM. and i was an RA you know what that means: automatically hated by all. Not to mention the woman who was my boss was to say the least, imcompatible with me. well we were incombatible as a "team". i now live with my good friend Cat, her boyfriend Pat (i know cute, huh?) and Chris, who i would like to describe as a wet blanket. he is less than impressed that i am getting a deal on rent since i'm broke as a joke with no hope. (he. is. ridiculously. cheap.) however, i am excited to go to school part time and work more and stuff. The dorms just kinda drug me down, i am in such a better mood right now than i have been all day, neigh, all semester. say what you will about friends living with friends, but Cat *the cute little thing in the picture with me* (aka Catteranz) is the type of person who will damn well let you know if she is sick-a-yo-lame-ass. and i am the same way. When we are irritated with eachother, we will let one another know (HEY HEY HEY, KNOCK IT OFF, YOU'RE BUGGING THE WORLD, YOU WOULDN'T WANT US TO GET DRUNK AGAIN WOULD YOU?) and leave eachother alone for a few days and then go on with our merry lives.

that's all for now

Peace out, Bean Sprouts!

Hatred of Christina Aguilera...Sorry Courtey

well first of all, courtney i am so sorry cuz i realize you are the superstar, not me and you have way better judgement about singers than i; however, I. CAN'T. STAND. Christina Aguilera. maybe she can sing, but to me it sounds like yelling, and a lot of unnecessary vocal gymnastics, yes the gymnastics can be good, *IN THE RIGHT AMOUNT*, i think thats all she does though. and when she is saying words, i cant understand a damn thing. have you ever LISTENED to a Christmas album by her? why does jingle bells, or maybe even frosty the snowman (i dont know what song it was because i couldnt tell) need to last for 10 minutes of up and down a scale. not to mention the damn hand motion, does that help her reach new and exciting octaves? i have yet to see evidence of her being an amazing singer because of the annoying seizure like gestures. if you are really that into what you're singing why don't you just do a little jig, like ashlee simpson when she had "acid reflux"...but thats another blog...
Peace out, Bean Sprouts.

How Rude

ya know, i thought i would have a problem with keeping up with blogging. nope! this is my 3rd post today...T-H-I-R-D. i blame you for this addiction miss superstar you and your good ideas will be the downfall of me yet. to quote one of my favorite songs right now:
"My rhyme ain't good just yet,
My brain and tongue just met,
And they ain't friends, so far,
My words don't travel far,
They tangle in my hair,
And tend to go nowhere,
They grow right back inside,
Right past my brain and eyes
Into my stomach juice
Where they don't serve much use,
No healthy calories,Nutrition values.
And I absorb back in
The words right through my skin
They sit there festering inside my bowels"
Consequence of Sound
i think this song explains how i know what i want to say but then they come as what i would like to call word vomit, as you may have heard was made famous by "Mean Girls" anyways, check out Regina Spektor's myspace, cuz shes very umm interesting would be the word for her music.
in conclusion...THANKS A LOT're sooo lucky i love you!

Thursday, December 14, 2006


alright so i was all excited about blogging, like for reals and all but it said i didnt know my own password so after 20 minutes of trying to figure it out with courtney, the final resolution was to RESET my password, dont get used to me putting up more then one of these things a day, but i feel it is necessary after what i just experienced...grr!!! ok thats all for the venting part. now on to the main event!

to any holy rollers, bible thumpers out there, GOOD FOR YOU! that is completely not sarcastic because i feel i am very religious and well that was a "you go girl" of sorts for all of you. however, I. SWEAR. ALOT. to the point of offensiveness, so if you are offended i'm sorry, sometimes vulgarities just slip out with me! i dare to say that it is worse than my vulgar smoking habit. thanks for reading


First Post

umm, so one of my friends is super addicted to blogging, long story short, she talked me into it. I dont have much to say at this point, but sometimes i can go on a roll about random topics. i would like to demonstrate this.

while tasty and all around delicious, SMELL. there is a fridge in my student government office that has a GINORMOUS jar of pickles and my friend, didnt close the lid tight one day and so guess what...THE WHOLE FRIGGEN ROOM SMELLS LIKE PICKLES WHEN YOU OPEN THE FRIDGE DOOR!

I hate them. why cant the world be clean and glass and sliver free? i would love to just wander around without shoes on all day, they are uncomfortable, and make your feet smell, which is probably part of why people have the tendency to think feet are gross, i include myself in the thinking its gross part.

can suck it. i dont want one, not right now. i dont need someone there to answer to at all times...besides my parents that is. someday? yes. right now? absotootalutely not! not to mention the hand holding and lovey dovey-ness...thats just gross. i hate PDA, and i dont mean like a blackberry, i mean PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION. maybe its just a phobia, maybe it means i still think boys have cooties, i dont know.

are tasty. there is a big bowl of them next to me, and i suppose i could suck on one of those rather than go outside and feed my slightly less healthy addiction of smoking. although sugar is bad too, i dont know if it can give you cancer, but it seems like everything causes cancer these days huh?

umm...i think thats all of the random thoughts i have for right now...PEACE OUT BEAN SPROUTS!