Sunday, February 18, 2007

thank you very much...

yeah, so, i didnt do a whole lotta 'splainin on the last one. let me reiterate what i told courtney a few minutes ago. ok, we're just friends for real now, there is no more visiting eachother cuz we miss one another and there was probably never going to be dating and we are both just done and i am not all that sad about it i know i love him, but i've had enough time in the last month or so to accept it and i'm okay with it. and the real sick part is that i'm not sad, its like i'm being logical instead of emotional. what kind of girl am i? is it weird i would rather be sad about it? harumph, anyways i think that this little shedaisy ditty below is my theme song right now. enjoy kiddies! POBS

don't worry 'bout a thing!

Ever been misunderstood, misused, or misled
Ever knocked on the sky and had it fall on your head
well, don't worry 'bout it, don't worry
Ever lost your luggage, your marbles, your house
Or found yourself in bed with Uncle Sam or Mickey Mouse
Ever been accused of murder on Music Row
Or caught in morning traffic when you really gotta go - Oh no!


Life is funny, life's a mess
Sometimes a curse, sometimes a blessing
Don't worry 'bout a thing, don't worry 'bout it
Life gets sticky, life can bruise
Sometimes you win sometimes your losing
No matter what it brings
Don't worry 'bout a thing
Ever sat yourself down when the seat is all wet
Or see your "ex" sucking face with a little brunette
Don't worry 'bout it, no don't worry
Ever lost your religion, ever lost yourbest friend
Or found your last record in the bargain bin
Or been stuck in a divorce like crazy glue
Or scraped someone else's gum off the bottom of your shoe - Boo hoo!

[Repeat Chorus]

(Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah - Blah, Blah,Blah, Blah, Blah, - Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah)
Don't worry, don't worry


We all got a little junk in the trunk
And when you're feelin' good as sunk
Remember, everything will be just fine
If I laugh at yours then you'll laugh at mine

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

(Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah - Blah, Blah,Blah, Blah, Blah, - Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah)
Don't worry, don't worry
Life gets sticky, life can bruise
Sometimes you win sometimes your losing
No matter what it brings

Don't worry 'bout a thing

(thank you very much)


andrew and me that is. completely and officially. and yeah i'm wearing lipstick. shut up.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

yeah, it's been awhile.

and i still got nothin....NOTHIN BUT LOVE FOR ALL YOU KIDS. but really, i dont have anything to talk about. i'm tired. i have to work in the morning. you. are. awesome. i want my guitar. i want to PLAY guitar. my job is videos and learning how to run check out tills. it has become my life, and i kinda want my life back. the life where i had money and i could like, hang out with my friends like a normal person. i love veronica mars and gilmore girls. lorelai should have NEVER married chris. and she did. gross. i want her to be with luke. ya know, for her upbringing, lorelai is a little bit white trash, but i am a fan of white trash in this case. i hope veronica mars is good. i love dvr. its fun. andrew hates me. i'm pretty sure what even could have been is completely gone. he's a hater. i dislike haters. argh. i'ma go.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

god damnit leroy, god damnit.

this, is effing hilarious. you must watch it. if you know ANYONE who plays world of warcraft you are going to love it. or if you just like hearing people yell leroy jenkins. thats all i have for you today. watch it. LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROYYYYYYYYYYYYY JENKINNNNNNNNNNNNS

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

who i turn to when i cant take it any longer.

this blog is going to possibly one of the only truly heartfelt blogs i ever write. you are all lucky that i am feeling bold enough to post this on the internet for the world to see.

I finally got a job yesterday, and you know why i got a job? because i prayed for help from God. say what you will, but prayer works, even if you dont get the answer you want, it works. i was in the shower, thinking seriously about moving home, living with my parents, getting a dead end job, and eventually be stuck in the claws of my small hometown and not able to leave. i asked God for help, i told him that i really needed to know where i need to be, i need to know what the right move is. I went to the mall a few hours later and while filling out an application and JCPenny, was asked by a manager if i wanted to interview immediately after. of course i said yes, so i interviewed and they practically handed me a position. i have been absolutely beaming ever since. the days preceeding this were the hardest days of my life. do you know what its like to feel like you are in such a bad place that you wonder what it was like if you were just dead? i do. i'm not saying i'm suicidal, because i'm not, i think suicide is a selfish act, and i never once thought of ways i could end my life, but i did think about how much easier everyones life might be if i wasnt in it. I know now that i am a worthwhile person and that even though i am in a tight spot and not sure if there is a light at the end of it all, i am going to be okay. i am going to be just fine.

oh and another thing. one of my friends from home got in a car accident last weekend, a bad one. he was hit head on by a drunk driver and he and his girlfriend are in critical condition. he has brainstem damage, a collapsed lung, both his legs and his arms are broken. his girlfriend isnt in much better shape. could you please pray for them? i havent hung out with him in a long time and i feel super guilty about it. i dont want the last time i see him to be in a casket. please please please pray for him and his girlfriend.


Saturday, February 3, 2007

guitars, cadillacs, and MY kind of music :)

guess. what. my friend toby (who is either very gay or very in love with me) is buying me a guitar, not a fancy one or anything. but he said to consider it my late christmas/birthday present! hello. he. is. amazing. and again, i would just like to reiterate how hot i look with a guitar. bitches.


Thursday, February 1, 2007

i'm waiting!

this, my friends, is tyler. tyler was letting me play his $2500 guitar. well, strum it. and say what you will but knowing the only three chords used in wild thing is a big accomplishment in my world. that is tyler giving me the "i'm waiting" look. i never did do anything that spectacular. the other girl in the picture is my friend miranda. shes a great great great person. she can make you laugh on your worst day. i love both these people.

anyways i dont have much to say today other then if i fill out one more application i will have carpel tunnel. plan. and. simple. but dont i look hot with a guitar? okay that wasnt my most glamorous day. but i think i could look hot with a guitar if need be. some girls use looks and cute little quirks, I WILL LURE YOU IN WITH MY MUSIC...eventually. aww the music. i want to learn soooooo bad. so. bad. i would so become a freakin punk poser if i had the guitar skills. argh. i want the skills now! ok i am gonna go....