Wednesday, January 31, 2007

guitars,moulin rouge, and connie and carla. oh and the most adorable picture of me and courtney. ever.

number 1. i am going to watch moulin rouge immediately after posting this because i am the sparkling diamond. deal with it. and who doesnt love a musical montage of songs about love? especially when they throw the beatles in it. hello? admittedly, i didnt like it the first time i watched it, i felt like i needed to be intoxicated or high on somethin other than life to like it. but then i watched it a few more times. and lets just say, WHO KNEW THAT EWAN MCGREGOR AND NICOLE KIDMAN COULD SING! and ewan, ahhhh ewan, as i told courtney, he is sex on a big ol' movie-like stick. and i am completely okay with it.

number 2. have you ever seen connie and carla? it. is. effing. hilarious. its about two girls that see their boss get murdered so they move to like LA or somewhere and start a dinner theater with a bunch of drag queens. it is one of the cheesiest movies ever. but cheese is delicious, and you better remember that.

number 3. i know there has been multiple posts by both me and courtney about the fantastical weekend that was *BISMARCK* but it was just that good. i need to become musical so that when courtney and boy wonder rock out, i can be a part of it rather then sit there like a lame duck and tape it, i mean it does need to get taped somehow, but that chimp i bought today should be able to handle those duties. that brings me to the 4th and possibly best part of my post.

number 4. my friend tyler who is a musician plays amazing guitar. and he does lessons for people every once in a while. he charges most people 50 bucks an hour, but since i am fantastic and super special i get his services FREE. thats right, i get to become a 20 year old prodigy (dont worry that IS a joke haha) for FREE. i. am. so. excited. i need a guitar before we start tho, and that means spending money i probably shouldnt. BUT, today i was in the mart of k (k mart for those who dont speak excited keek) and they had a piddily little guitar for 50 bucks, and yes i am well aware that it is possibly the crappiest guitar ever in life but its a good starter right? i am so excited you dont even know, if you ask courtney she will tell you i have been talking about playing an instrument FOR-EV-ER so that i can be musical because i love music so much i want to be able to do it and participate and not just listen to it. because well shes amazing, boy wonder is just that, and tyler is possibly one of the most talented guitar players i have ever heard. even if he is a poser punk (hehe). okay well thats all for now


just wanted to share.

hahahaha, me and courtney made this one night...i personally think its hilarious. hope you like.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

you have no idea the amount of pain i can bring upon you. :P

This is Courtney and Killian coming to you live from Killian's bedroom, Sunday afternoon. What up, yo.

For all you big time loser faces out there, what did YOU do this weekend?...because we rocked the socks of 100s of Bismarck-ians, and it was awesome.

I (Courtney) would venture to guess that this was probably the best weekend of my. entire. life. For many, many reasons of course, but first and foremost because Killian let me sleep on her air mattress. I mean, come on guys, that's friendship. and I (Killian) had an amazing time because i got to go to the BMR concert for FREE (if anyone asks, courtney and i were the sound and lighting crew, sitting in the sound booth). I (Courtney) even got to dim the lights once! Rock. On.

And as far as BMR is concerned, they pretty much exceeded expectations. Yall know how excited I was to come see them, and by george, they were better than I ever imagined (and I've seen them before!)

So, other things happened too. We saw Kacey (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay) and found that she was still, well....Kacey. We also drove around in my car and made music videos...which are dark, but still really effing hilarious. (they'll be on youtube eventually). today we are filming courtney sing, just because shes that good. but it isnt happening until Presto: boy wonder gets up, apparently he didnt go to sleep until noon. suck.

Why wasn't Boy Wonder in bed till noon you ask? Well, there was a rockin party for the band and all the sponsors that helped bring them here after the show last night(which, *ahem* I got to go to. Because, like I've said before, I'm just special like that) and apparently since the band and the boys had so much fun drinking Pabst and making snow angels (in icy snow) at the hotel the night before, they decided to relive it.

I (Killian) mostly just vote that Courtney stays because the weather is, well north dakota weather and the weekend went pretty fast. duh.

And I (Courtney) wish I could stay, but the roads are actually probably better today than they were Friday, so I really have no good excuse to stay. Except that being here is definitely a rockin' good time.

Hmm, ya know, even when someone is sitting next to me, doing a co-blog, i (killian) still have absolutely nothing interesting to say. bah.

And I'm running low on entertainment fuel as well... andwhat I have left I've gotta save for the camera, baby. I'm ready for my close up, Miss Killian!

And so, this is Courtney and Killian, live from Killian's bedroom in Bismarck, 2:02 pm, signing off.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

you know you're stunning, you're absolutely stunning.

ok, i am OB.SESS.ED with my black rimmed glasses. they are fake. but i am pretty much self centered when i have them on because i think i look effing hot. and courtney and andrew dont make it ANY better by telling me that i DO look amazing. *sigh* anyways thats not what my blog is about i just wanted to tell you why i keep posting pics of me in the glasses *hehe*.

on to the main event.

have you ever noticed i dont ever use proper grammar and puncuation in this thing? if my mother ever read it she would fa-lip out hardcore. my mom is like grammar queen. but hey i'm not writing a book, or an article or anything so WHAT THE F EVER. i decided this is the one plae i dont HAVE to be grammatically correct. and i dont have to worry about spelling cuz i. just. dont. care. ya know, this still isnt want i want to write about. i just feel like being random today.

OKAY, courtney just made me listen to a jason song that i had but i hadnt listened to, which is a crime but i am in love with now. okay? get off my back! it is the "most sexual song in the world" as courtney said, and ya know i think she is right, there has been a lot of songs about sex, but, seriously? this deserves lyrics being posted. wow. read it and let in soak in, and maybe even download that bizniz haha. POBS!

O. Lover
Jason "amazing" Mraz

What's the worst thing that could happen?
We could change our minds.
That seems to be the hottest topic at this time.
We're sitting around in the meditation, dragging, chasing,
Wonderin?whose holdin?whose got the will to draw the line.

I know you've got something burning up inside,
It's so unhealthy but so good for me, oh!
Said if I didn't know, and if I didn't know, well if I didn't know that you loved me would you tempt me?
Well God only knows our contradiction's to quitting, is a hate to love relationship thing.
A fire under you is so fulfilling,
I fear there's nothing more.

I'm giving, giving you, the choke hold,
My flirting with disaster is modern love.
Ugggh you, you're so bold,
My wanting to kiss you still is not enough.
I'm getting over, all the comments.
Unfriendly statements made by people are nonsense.
I'm getting stronger, by the minute.
And once I slip into position I'll swing you and turn you all around.

You are the sweetest thing I've found since whenever,
You're the only way my time is measured.
You might be the silent type,
But your advertising louder now.
It's crazy how you're killing me.
Woo, you're killing me, but I like your

Red top and matching bottoms.
You know the one, the ones you got on,
Pull them over your skinny self
But don't cover your tattoo.
Woo, cause I like to look at you, yeah,
I love that smell on you,
And I got your special place against this face for tasting too.

And I like it natural,
No need for chemicals.
Sparkening up my senses
You're making it sense
You're calling it sexual.

And you're going to get yours, my lady.
Might even be today.
And it ain't no thing 'cause I'll be rolling right along with you-woo-woo.

You are the sweetest thing I've found since whenever.
You're the only way my time is measured.
You might be the silent type.
But you're advertising louder now.
It's crazy how you're killing me.
And give us both a break.
And to give us back a taste when the way things were before they made the laws,
And to give us both a chance,
But it won't be the last romance cause when the weekend starts the guilty party's on.


Weekend party's over,
Don't stop, let's get closer.
Friday, got cold shoulder,
Monday, got a new composure.

Weekend party's over,
Don't stop, let's get lower.
I won't blow your cover,
Opportunistic lover.

Weekend party's over,
Don't stop, let's get closer.
Friday's mediocre,
Monday, I'm self-exposed now.

Weekend party's over,
Don't stop, let's suppose-ah
I won't blow your cover
Opportunistic lover.

i never loved nobody fully, always one foot on the ground.

school, kids, is now in session

yeah thats just cuz i call those my sexy librarian glasses.

anyways, this song by the amazing Regina Spektor, kind of describes my newly found state of the "L" word. this is kind of a cop-out blog, sorry court, i say court cuz you are the only person that reads this haha!

(Shake it up)

I never loved nobody fully
Always one foot on the ground
And by protecting my heart truly
I got lost in the sounds
I hear in my mind
All these voices
I hear in my mind all of these words
I hear in my mind all this music

And it breaks my heart
And it breaks my heart
And it breaks my heart
It breaks my heart

And suppose I never ever met you
Suppose we never fell in love
Suppose I never ever let you kiss me so sweet and so soft
Suppose I never ever saw you
Suppose we never ever called
Suppose I kept on singing love songs just to break my own fall
Just to break my fall
Just to break my fall
Just to break my fall
Break my fall
Break my fall

All my friends say that of course its gonna get better
Gonna get better
Better better better better
Better better better

I never love nobody fully
Always one foot on the ground
And by protecting my heart truly
I got lost
In the sounds
I hear in my mind
All these voices
I hear in my mind all these words
I hear in my mind
All this music
And it breaks my heart
And It breaks my heart

I hear in my mind
All of these voices
I hear in my mind all of these words
I hear in my mind
All of this music
And it breaks my heart
And it breaks my heart
It Breaks my
Breaks my heart
and it breaks my heart
it breaks my heart
and it breaks my heart
and it breaks my heart

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

duuuuuude, where's my life?

i had possibly the most eventful weekend. got asked on a date, had a massive fight with andrew, went to a semi pro basketball game, got drunk with randoms, took lots of pics, went on my first "real date" that ended horribly, which made me realize i am, in fact, in love with andrew. dont worry all of this will be broken down into seperate stories.

where to start. hmm i'll start with the basketball game because it was the most uneventful thing. we went to a wizards game, whoopdie shit. the end. well i guess andrew came with...thats the end.

we went to a random house party again, and i got drunk, and i am the beer pong champ.
and was asked about 5 times who i wanted to sleep with that night "umm i dont know any of you creepers, and i dont care that you drive a cadillac, i dont sleep with anyone i dont know but thank you."

which brings me to DA-DADA-DA! the date, and everything that insued from this "date".
friday, friend of a friend asks me on a date, i decided i could go because, hey andrew is NOT dating me, and i want to see if i can actually date other people. ok that was the intro, of sorts.

friday: date planned
when: monday
time: six pm
what: supposed to be dinner
where: unknown as of friday

okay this is what it ended up being, saturday after the b-ball game andrew and i got into a fight about a lot of things and not just the date. anyways so monday i end up going to this guys friends apartment. he got me drunk...really drunk with HAMMS beer, i dont know if you've had hamms beer, but it is the lowest form of beer you could possibly drink, in fact i'm not even sure its so much beer as some kind of mixture of urine mixed together from various animals and left to ferment for a couple of weeks. okay, so i was drunk, fine. then we decide to leave to go to his house, his house which he failed to mention before is his MOMS house and he still lives there. (did i mention this guy is the epitome of emo, i hate the world and everyone in it type of dude? major downer.) anyway he immediately starts making out with me, calling me baby (mostly cuz he couldnt remember my name i'm guessing) and asking me what i wanted, to which i replied several times, "i dont want anything." (oh and at one point he bit my ear so hard i thought he was trying to pierce my lobe with his teeth, not to mention ITS SWOLLEN) then he says, "i want to have sex with you really bad." me, "i'm sorry i'm not having sex with you." and okay, you need to literally brace yourself for what happens next. he says, "well than i am going in the bathroom and masturbating." AND HE DID...HE WENT INTO THE BATHROOM AND WHACKED IT. i sat at his dining room table and chain smoked waiting for him to be done. and if you dont believe it, this story gets better. he comes out of the bathroom and goes off, literally. "i'm probably never going to talk to you again, you have a shitty personality, a very generic personality and i dont care to have a friendship with you. are you ready to go home?"

and you know what? i didnt even CARE that he said those hurtful things to me, because the moment he kissed me i realized something. *this is so cheesy* i realized that andrew is the only person i want to kiss...ever. and decided andrew needed to know this, so after the asshole dropped me off, i told andrew the exact same sentence above...he is the only person i want to kiss and such, and he said it was a lot to take in, and i havent talked to him since...i may not get the response i want, but i'm glad i told him. and if you are a little dense, i said the kissing thing because i couldnt just come out and say the "L" word because i am scared of the "L" think thats all for now ta ta


Friday, January 19, 2007

i still *heart* him...

JASON MRAZ IS SOOOOO amazing. i know what you're thinkin', "uh didnt she blog about him last time?" why yes, yes i did...and i DONT CARE WHAT YOU MIGHT THINK ABOUT ME, YOU'LL GET BY WITHOUT ME IF YOU WANT! *hehe*

and besides last time was just his amazing and witty lyrics and thanking courtney for her amazingness to know of jasons amazingness.

dude, if you dont listen to jason mraz:
1. you are stupid
2. what are you thinking?
3. down. load. now.

some starters are *obviously* beauty in ugly, the joker/everything i own, the remedy, you and i, curbside prophet, shy (thats actually by tristan prettyman but jason sings on that one), i'll do anything, too much food

haha starters, who am i kidding?! thats quite a few starter songs...they are all good okay?! download them! i dont care if you do it legally or illegally...JUST DO IT.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

i can be cool and the gang if you wanna hang/ you might regret what you let slip away like the Geek in the Pink/if you want to do the passionate thing

I'll Do Anything
Jason Mraz

Go make your next choice be your best choice
And if you're looking for a boy with a voice, well baby I'm single
Are you in the mood for some dude, are you in the mood to be subdued
Or would you rather just mingle?
Let's get set then to go then and let us jet set we'll be like the Jetsons
You can be Jane my wife. Should I marry Jane tonight?

I would if I could. I'd do most anything spontaneously.

Or we can keep chilling like ice cream filling
We can cool in the gang if you'd rather hang
Ain't no thing. I can be lugubrious with you.
I got no ifs ands ors no wits or whats about it
But this place is getting crowded and my house is two blocks away
Or maybe closer

I would if I could. I'd do most anything spontaneously.
You know I would, if I could. I'll do anything spontaneously.

If you could be nimble, you'd have it simple just like me.
So go on and try it, do not deny yourself your freedom.

So step on up to the plate get a date with mraz
See you better act fast because supplies they never
Now did you know this is limited time offer
So go make your mind up before our times up
You better start winding it up because the party's almost over
(and if you should know girl, go a little bit lower now)

see how I would, if I could. I'd do most anything spontaneously.
You know I would, and I can prove it. I'll do anything spontaneously.

Hmmm aww jason...courtney he's yours, i know but i can dream right? *sigh*
If you havent figured it out yet, todays blog is dedicated to Jason Mraz and all of his fan-tas-tic music and lyrics. thats all i really have to say about it... and post a couple other song lyrics... or....oooh, maybe i'll find a youtube vid...okay i did i'll see if it works... anyways i am gonna post the lyrics to my favorite song by him tho

Geek in the Pink
Jason Mraz

Yo, Brotha A to z,
Yo, wussup B,
Yo, What time is it?

Ha-ha, It's laundry day!

(do do do...)

Well let the geek in the pink take a stab at it
If you like the way I'm thinkin' baby wink at it
I may be skinny at times but I'm fat fulla rhymes
Pass me the mic and I'm a grab at it
Well isn't it delicious crazy way that I'm kissin'
This baby listen to this don't wanna miss it while it's hittin'
Sometimes you gotta fit in to get in
But don't ever quit cause soon I'm gonna let you in but see

I don't care what you might think about me
you'll get by without me if you want
Well,I could be the one to take you home
Baby we could rock the night alone
If we never get down it wouldn't be a let down
But sugar don't forgetin' what you already know
That I could be the one to turn you out
We could be the talk across the town
Don't judge it by the color, confuse it for another
You might regret what you let slip away

like the geek in the pink (do do do...)
well like the geek in the pink, yeah (geek in the pink)

Well my relationship fodder don't mean to bother nobody
But Cupid's automatic musta fired multiple shots at her
Because she fall in love too often that's what the matter
At least I talk about it keep a pattern of flattery and
She was starin' through the doorframe,and
Eyeing me down like already a bad boyfriend
Well she can get her toys outta the drawer then
Cause I ain't comin' home I don't need that attention, see

I don't care what she might think about me
She'll get by without me if she want
well, I could be the one to take her home
Baby we could rock the night alone
If we never get down it wouldn't be a let down
But sugar don't forgetin' what you already know
that I could be the one to turn you out
We could be the talk across the town
Don't judge it by the color, confuse it for another
You might regret what you let slip away

Hey baby look at me go
From zero to hero
You better take it from a geek like me
Well I can save you from unoriginal dum-dums
Who wouldn't care if you com....plete them or not

So what I've got a short attention span
A coke in my hand
Because I'd rather have the afternoon, relax and understand
My hip hop and flip-flops well it don't stop with the light rock
A shot to mock you kinda puts me in the tight spot
The hype is nothing more than hoo-ha so I'm
Developing a language and I'm callin' it my own
So take a peek into the speaker and you'll see what I mean
That on the other side the grass is greener

I don't care what you might think about me
You'll get by without me if you want
I could be the one to take you home
Baby we could rock the night alone
If we never get down it wouldn't be a let down
But sugar don't forgetin' what you already know
I could be the one to turn you out
We could be the talk across the town
Don't judge it by the color, confuse it for another
You might regret what you let slip away
like the geek in the pink (do do do...)
I'm the geek in the pink ya'll
geek is the color for fall
i'm the geek in the pink
so i'm the geek ya'll
in the pink ya'll
geek is the color for fall
i'm the geek in the pink


and i need to thank courtney for introducing me into the deep world that is Brother A to Z.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

you never close your eyes anymore when i kiss your lips.

please forgive the cheap top gun reference...but uh, i was serenaded with it last night. twice. collars up and all...the whole shebang. (hi ya bunch of freaks, who does that? oh wait i know, drunk guys who want action) anyway, i drank way too much beer, cuz it was free, i took a shot of captain morgan (that stuff is NOT made to shoot), sang ridiculous karaoke, got auctioned off to a guy, got my ass grabbed a lot, stole a pack of smokes from one of the poor shmucks, and what did i get out of it? hmmm...a hangover from hell and a half pack of smokes. man, it was a freakin awesome night.

this is my official i am not only hungover but i am very very very bored picture. ENJOY!

sorry this was so short...


Friday, January 12, 2007

Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off.

that has nothing to do with what i'm blogging about. thats just the name of an awesome effing song. i really dont have anything to blog about. so today it is randomosity at a little bit of its finest, or at least what i am willing to put out in public. have you ever wondered why people feel like they need a boyfriend or girlfriend? i mean i am included in that, but why do people feel that way? even when they are down they think "if only i had significant other, then my life would get better..." umm NO the LAST thing you need if your life is fucked up is to fuck up another persons life. gross right?

who do you think you are? *different topic btw* i will goddamn kill you, if you think that your cats RESPIRATORY INFECTION is cute. i have. newsforyou. yeah thats correct, my roommates kitten has a respiratory infection, and not only is it not cute, its G-R-O-S-S. today the cat sneezed on my computer and there was a lot of yellow kitty snot...I STARTED GAGGING, literally...sick!

who here has digital cable? we do at my apartment and at about 11 pm or so porn comes on our movie channels. *bare with me i am not a porn addict* and at 11 or so i am the only person awake. seriously, the porn? shouldnt be called porn, it should be called hey heres a really bad movie with bad actors who are really super horny. it is FUNNY, not really anything would turn a normal human being on. at least i hope not. last night was one called "bikini roundup" first of all...the name? dude you could at least come up with a better name like "lord of the g-strings" aka a parody of "lord of the rings" anyways my point is, these people dont SHOW anything that would turn people on. i. see. boobs. thats it...and really bad orgasm faces. ok anyway thats all for now, i just wanted to share.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

hey, it's fun to talk about killian when she's not around! no no, but wait..LETS TELL HER ABOUT IT LATER!

that? that is my you are so lucky i have my ipod to block out the sound of your voice so i dont fuck you up...hardcore...and i'm so angry i didnt even feel like wearing make up or doing my hair today!

Time. The. Fuck. Out. the words that i would really like to come out of my mouth today. unfortunately i have been deprived of a spine.

ok that is my general rant. now to explain what that's about. my roommate is also my friend, but shes not as good of a friend as she thinks. she and my former boss/student government advisor have taken it upon themselves to not only talk about me when i'm not there, THEY TELL ME ABOUT IT. and it's not neccesarily nice things, i would much rather not know they are talking about me than not only know, but hear about the conversations they had that day. Today's conversation which realy irked me and is why i am blogging it:
Cat (roommate): So...andrew sent killian money so that she could go see him this weekend...but he only sent her $25

*umm first of all, he sent me the $ cuz i needed to fill my tank which was already half full and yes, it was to go see him cuz i haven't seen him in person for THREE MONTHS*

Heather (former advisor/boss): what? $25 thats not even enough money to get there, let alone like eat.

Cat: I know, i told her she couldnt go, because she has no right to go because she's still looking for a job.

*DURR thats WHY he sent me money so that i didnt have to spend MINE to go there and who are you to tell me what i can and can not do?*

Heather: dude, $25 bucks just to get laid...thats so not worth it.

*hey, why don't we make it sound like killian is andrews hooker huh? my. god. yeah we have sex, WHO CARES, that is my business, and i am well aware of all of the risks and consequences, and last time i checked i was 20 years old and am considered an adult. and's not like we are shamelessly scrogging 24/7, in all honesty, we act like an old couple who have been married for 50 years, he watches his shows on tv and i cook and do dishes...OUR RELATIONSHIP IS NOT STRICTLY SEXUAL contrary to what some may think.*

i am just so pissed off, they've always been like this tho, needing someone to talk about, someone to critique, i just never thought it would be me. and i wish beyond all wishes that i could tell them to shut their fucking mouths and move on, find someone else, but i can't partly because i am on thin threads with Heather already because i quit school and in turn lost my RA position and my Secretarial position on student government, and partly because i CANT can. not. say anything to Cat that would make her mad at me in the least because i just moved into the apartment, and i can't mess it's a shitty situation thats all


Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Because i am a TOTAL and complete nerd bomber, i decided to teach all the ways of the geek, consider this lesson one. this is not only a crazy weird song, but along with the superstar, there has been sweet coreagraphy set to the weirdest part of the song. the song is called Musicbox by Regina Spektor, i have linked her myspace in previous blogs so check that out. anyways, when superstar is here at the end of the month we will smooth out this coreagraphy and let you all know how it the parts where there is no specified moves, flail around like a ballerina on some kind of drug that makes you hyper...maybe ecstasy, yeah thats a good one...anyway, the song is effing awesome, and so are the sweet moves.


Life inside the musicbox aint easy. (shake head no)
The mallot and the gears are always turning
everyone inside the mechanism is yearning to get out
and sing another melody completely
so different from the one they're always singing
i close my eyes and think that i have found me
but then i feel mortality surround me
i want to sing another melody
so different from the one i always sing
but when i do the dishes...
i run the water very-very-very-hot (scowl)
and then i fill the sink to the top with bubbles of soap
and then i set all the bottle caps i own afloat
AND IT'S THE GREATEST VOYAGE IN THE HISTORY OF PLAAAAAASTICK (emphasize the the "ck" in plastic and flail arms above head like a crazy person)
and then i slip my hands in and start to make waves (tip toe along where ever you are walking to the beat of her singing)
and then i dip my tongue in and take a taste (stick tongue out wildy)
it tastes like soap but it doesnt really taste like soap (make incredibly disgusted face)
and then i lower in my whole mouth and take a GUUUUUUUUUUUUUULP (open mouth wide and shut it quick, but keep air in cheeks to show the effect of the gulp)
and start to feel mortality surround me
i close my eyes and think that i have found me
but life inside the musicbox aint easy
the mallot and the gears are always turning
and everyone inside the mechanism
is yearning to get out
and sing another melody completely
is yearning to get out
is yearning to get out
is yearning to get out (mime like motions as tho you are in a box that has just run out of oxygen and then fall over)

After all of this is done, get up and tip toe away from the crowd that has gathered and been convinced that you need to be committed.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

oh Justin, of course you can do inappropriate things to me that society frowns upon.

*SIGH* i love justin timberlake, and say what you will, he is not only talented as hell he is also sooooooooo incredibly hot i would probably fall over if i were ever in his oh-so-glorious presence. Those amazing blue eyes, he has a classic male handsomeness to him, and not to mention that body, OH. MY. GOD. that body. *CHILLS AND GOOSEBUMPS* he is going to be my husband one day, mark my words...We are gonna do it Vegas style and then stay together for oh about 5 years and then we will get divorced in a California court and state irreconcileable differences but really it will be because Dane Cook and I will be having an affair through the whole marriage. I mean JT is hot, and talented, but Dane Cook is just my kind of guy.

*once again, i start two blogs at once, Dane Cook is a whole 'nother blog completely*

Anyways, Justin is so amazing that even the superstar is making JT references on her 365 pics, LITTLE MISS BLUEGRASS IS LISTENING TO JUSTIN! yeah, thats right, thats how effing awesome he is. or maybe its cuz hes just a southern boy and she probably has a soft spot for them. if you dont own his new CD, you should cuz it's amazing, and should be a crime not to own's a link to his myspace. go listen, and love! those are only the songs he has released thus far tho, other good ones are Futuresex/Lovesound, Losing My Way, Lovestoned, and Summer Love.


Monday, January 8, 2007

the frustration that is andrew

ok so courtney says hes a weirdo...and he is. but i still like him, i dont know why but i do.

AB is how i will refer to him. He literally is an enigma, i dont know how else to describe him. He knows exactly what he wants with his life career-wise. relationships? i dont know why i expect him to explain it to me when he doesnt quite get it himself. at least i dont think he does. he would like to act like my boyfriend, talk to me like a boyfriend, do things with me that boyfriends do, but he doesnt want to be a boyfriend. and heaven forbid i act like a girlfriend! this is why i say i'm not "allowed to fall in love" with him.

*slight side bar* *i KNOW this is the cheesiest blog ever and i'm sorry*

to be completely honest,i am scared of the "L" word and i think it is used when people dont mean it. but this boy has an intense potential to make me fall in love with him, maybe its cuz he doesnt want me to so i want to. i dont know. this blog is turning into a big clusterfuck of rambling. ahhh christ. this whole thing makes no sense.


"blog, so that i have something interesting to read tomorrow" - superstar

here it is courtney, i'm not sure i have anything interesting tho, other than
I MIGHT COME VISIT THIS WEEKEND! but you already knew that, to all other readers, who may just be BSG, i have a like interest in fargo, not a love interest cuz well i'm not allowed to fall in love with him, but that is a 3 year blog entry in itself, and i dont feel like explaining it. (ok so i am maybe a little in love with him, he doesnt know i blog tho so hes not gonna see this) anyways, road trips, here in ND are kind of the only fun thing to do when you get bored with the town you're in. so i am venturing to courtney and the "like" interest for a weekend of fun before my life turns to complete shit. its really kinda cute that he wants me to come visit, since well, ugh i dont want to explain it, but courtney knows what the sitch is and if she wants to she can give you the run down, because she could probably contain it in a nutshell better than i. anyways i think, thats all, its 4 am so i need to go to bed and get up and go job hunting, maybe tomorrows blog will be the explanation of "the Enigma that is Andrew".

Thursday, January 4, 2007

help...anyone? please?

i have NO. IDEA. what i am doing with my life. i cant go to school this semester, i dont have financial aid, or money. thats a story in itself and i dont want to talk about it. so i have to find a full time job, give up student government, and pay bills and be an adult. i have no life direction. i have no motivation. i have great friends and that is my only bright spot right now. my parents are completely unsupportive of any decision i make. i dont know what i am supposed to do. i. dont. know. why does life have to be complicated? that is so cliche i know but honestly, think about it...nothing NOTHING in life comes easy, not even the lottery is easy, you have to pay taxes on it when you win big, why is it called the lottery aka money for almost nothing when its really not for nothing. there is always strings attached somehow, there is no way around it. there is never anything for nothing, always some trade off, some sort of deal, some sort of consequnce. i am sick of trade offs, and deals, and consequences for even the good things in life. i am 20 years old and dont want the responsibilities i have. i shouldnt be having a life crisis now...i'm not in my midlife.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

2 weeks of AWOL

yeah, so i havent blogged, what are you gonna do about it? yeah thats right, nothing, you know why? cuz ur all a bunch of giant pansies. haha JUST JOKING. my parents are big fans of nazi-ing the internet when i'm home on breaks so yeah nothing gets posted cuz if the communist dial up internet. i am back to high speed and really super excited about it...okay not super but it is a vast improvement. i dont have anything to talk about. oh wait i got my bed...i am pretty jazzed about that. cuz its big and comfy, yay for beds.