Thursday, March 29, 2007

ello blogland

hey, long time no see. i know, we have been having little flirtations here and there, but i just wasnt ready for anything serious. until now. sometimes you just gotta buckle down and get serious. so this is me announcing that i am going to TRY to blog everyday, even if i have nothing to write about. why? because i can SO BACK OFF!

so to recap my week thus far....i went H-O-M-E. ahhh *giant sigh of relief* hooooooooooome. no matter how much life sucks, i always have home, i love home. its such a nice word. home.

anyways, i got to spend a lot of time with my niece and nephew. they are literally my world at home. i LOVE them...they are fun, full of life, and its amazing how little kids can love you no matter how much you suck at life.

oh yeah, and my dad had some sort of neck surgery. that was scary, there were a lot of risks involved, including him dying. but hes okay, thank God. its not like he was deathly ill but when things like this happen it makes you realize what really matters to you. my family is my family, they arent always my favorite people but i have unconditional love for all of them.

my grandma makes me want to cry every time i go home. not because shes like mean to me, its just, my grandma is old, and shes not gonna be around forever, and it just seems like every time i go home theres something new that just makes her mortality more real. this time when i went home she had a cane, my grandmas is the hardest working woman i have ever met and i can only hope to lead a life as fulfilling as hers, but shes frail, and i dont like it and thinking about her leaving makes me really sad. i love her! yeah sad

anyways pobs

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