Friday, April 6, 2007

completely unreliable.

so remember that time i said i was gonna blog every day? i lied. big time.

i still love you tho oh mighty blogland.

i want more people than courtney sue to read my blog (not that i dont love you! muah!)

how can i do that? well courtney gave me some ideas but i dunno. in all honesty i want someone to read my stuff and be like HEY i will pay you a lot of money to just sit on your ass all day and BLOG. but i'm not that funny, or smart...or much of anything i guess. but if people can be youtube stars, i can be a blogstar...right? hmmm

do you realize that its 4:30 am? because it is. i should most definitely be in B-E-D. but of course i'm not.

i want someone to love me, to be head over heels incredibly and uncontrollably in love with me. i want to be married, and have kids, and just be a stay at home mom and cook supper and clean house and get glue and paint all over my clothes and clean up spilled juice and chocolate milk. i. am. so. lame. and yeah i know it. dont worry.

it seems that all that is going on lately is drama and i dont like it, i kinda just wanna go away...i dont mean to another town, i mean to another country, i wanna leave the country....go to england, or ireland...i dont know...

ok anyways time for bed! POBS.

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the superstar said...

on my first international tour, you are sitting shotgun.