Thursday, April 12, 2007

you dont need to hang out with me, you need to get LAID.

hahahaha. ahh my musician friend tyler, hes a silly goose! we had actually had plans to go to a show tomorrow night but because of the time of the "date" things conflicted. i told tyler i was still gonna go to the show, but he refused. let me reinact this fine, worthwhile, valuable, educational conversation.

Killian: "i have a date tomorrow. is the show gonna be done by 10?"

Tyler: "no we werent gonna like arrive there until 10, why?"

K: "well you see, i have a "date" with my best friends exboyfriend" *sidebar: i KNOW i am a complete asshole okay blogland? leave me alone!*

T: "what, you're getting laid? heck yes! bout time!"

K: "umm no tyler, he has a kid, and he dated my best friend for a YEAR, i cant do that....i'm just gonna skip the whole thing and go to the show with you and neshelly"

T: um, no. you are going on the date, and you are getting laid. FUCK. THE. SHIT. OUT. OF. HIM."

K: "tyler..."

T: this conversation is over, i have said my piece and as your life coach you WILL do what i say. goodbye."

*end of conversation*

so...i havent exactly decided if this is hilarious or incredibly strange. maybe...strangley hilarious? is that a good combination? i dont know. weird


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