Wednesday, April 11, 2007

oh my...

so apparently i have a date. not with andrew. with my best friends ex boyfriend. tell me how weird THAT is. umm okay so she dated him our junior year of high school and he liked me the whole time. gross.

and the girl he cheated on my friend with, he got her pregnant and now he has a kid. there are so many reasons i could never be with him. unfortunately, he is one of the most attractive guys i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. we share the same sense of humor, and always have. but hes unreliable, works all the time, has a kid, dated my friend, and has no educational future such as hes just not a good idea to even try that.

so this is the part where you ask, "so...why are you going on a date with him?"

let me tell ya. like i said, hes unreliable. so me agreeing to the date is mostly me expecting him to not even show...which happened last time we made plans to go on a "date" when he was going to be in "Bismarck"...ummm so blogland, this is the part where if anyone besides courtney reads my blogs, you should probably all reassure me on how stupid i am. go ahead, do your worst damage. i can take it...i live with satan! haha


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the superstar said...

my my my.

silly killy.